Do i really need to explain this?

This is a game that is very close to my heart as i did pre-order the limited edition of it and for good reason. annyone who has played this game will know the fun it is to fly around in a hoverbike killing zombies or hitting police with the penetrator bat. Saints row the third is playgued with it's problems though, like getting stuck in walls or stores/activities not loading but that is just a side effect of the great fun that there is to be had in this marvelous game. When i first got this game, me and my friends talked about it nonstop (to the dislike of my teacher!) from your first nutshot weapon to your experiences with zombies and glitches.

Firstly, in my opinion this a gta killer. i mean a rip out the eyes and teebag the dead body sort of kill. Annyone who hates or even dislikes gta's realistic approach to life will be pleasantly supprised with the antics of this game.