With the recent release of portal 2, i believe that it is time i did a review of portal 1:

Get from point A to point B is your goal in Portal. If completing this dangerous mission will not be much more complicated than it at first, the task will prove increasingly difficult as and when we progress, because of the presence of an increasing number of obstacles on our twisted road. At the heart of this obstacle course is obviously the gun portals, which opens an input interdimensional a left click, and an output of a right click. Reach places hilltop or distant objects will quickly become a breeze after this gadget in hand, even if the challenge is always to go through an extremely well-balanced difficulty. Moving platforms, automatic turrets, tanks and other acid rat traps should be routed in the correct timing and brilliantly to advance, with the encouragement caustic and unhealthy one vote mysterious robot. The variety of puzzles on offer allows a constant renewal of gameplay , including the use of kinetic energy preserved through the gates to catapult or operating lines for the bots to attack to destroy certain obstacles. The whole is very well staged, nicely organized and constantly raises our lethargic neurons never too frustrating. Unfortunately, this breath of fresh air will be (very) short-lived as the nineteen s'expédient levels in less than two hours, even though the challenges may lie a little bonus experience. It will blow a bit of trouble buying advise Portal only because even at $10, this First Person Puzzle invoice rather expensive time of game Now, once integrated into the rest of the Orange Box , it remains a game very fun and cool, which could be enriched more in the future.